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so i’m being a total fatty today and i started thinking of foods that i wanted to pig out on. this is hopefully due to my period coming sometime this week. anyways, every christmas my mom goes all out and we have nigerian food instead of the traditional american christmas dinner. i haven’t had any nigerian food since I left for school and i am literally going through withdrawals. i know this could be fixed if i learned how to cook, but i’ve tried and it just doesnt taste like mi mama’s.

anyways first i am gonna eat a whole bunch of farina (aka fufu to most other nigerians) and i hope my mom makes either ogbono or egusi soup, at this point i’m really not picky

farina and egusi soup

everything else is good and all but i’m craving farina and some meat pie. I haven’t had meat pie in FOREVER. Unfortunately, our oven is broken so that won’t be part of the meal but i’m trying to convince my mom to give me her secret recipe so i can make it at my boyfriend’s house. Yes, I am that desperate for some meat pie lol. for anyone who doesn’t know what it is, its basically a meat filled empanada and it is pure deliciousness


if my mindset stays like this, i will probably gain 10 lbs over break but i plan on starting my workout plan in january so hopefully it’ll be okay. 

anyways i’m gonna stop my fatty rant now lol

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